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Price / Options
All bed are custom designed for Ford, Chevy, and Dodge.
The following quotes can change at anytime without further notice.
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Bale Spear Beds Include:
Fenner Electric / Hydraulic Pump,  3.5" X 10" Hydraulic Cylinder
and Two 1 5/8" diameter Super Penetrator Spears rated at 3,200 lbs. per spear 
with spear storage and rear pump mounting to ease maintenance and maximize box storage  

Single Rear Wheel Standard Bed
     w/Bale Spear Kit

 $6,000.00  (installed)

Dual Rear Wheel Standard Bed
     w/Bale Spear Kit

 $6,200.00  (installed)


Bale Bumpers Include:
Bale Spear Kit (as noted above) plus Bed Protectors

Bale Bumper        $2,100.00


Paint to Match:  We take the process one step further by applying a tough urethane automotive finish that will look good for many years to come, even under the worst conditions. 


LED Lighting:  All lights on the bed (red oval lights and four round clearance lights) will be LED lights.


Pioneer Hydraulic Remotes:  Adds auxiliary hydraulic connections on the read of the bed to power various equipment.


Trays in Boxes:  Adds three sliding trays to any side box.

(per box)
Items to purchase:
Super Penetrator Bale Spears with Collar        $80.00
Fenner Electric / Hydraulic Pumps      $425.00
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